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Statistical Programming Assignments in Singapore

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We can help you with all types of statistical assignments including:

  • Statistics basic, Probability concept, Standard deviation, variance, Range, Average, Median, Mode, Expected value, Z-score, Probability distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • Small sample distribution (t-distribution)
  • Sample size
  • Binomial distribution
  • Confidence interval of the mean
  • Hypothesis test of the mean
  • Hypothesis test of the proportion
  • Other type of statistical help Assignments
  • Confidence interval of the proportion
  • Chi-Square Analysis
  • Chi-Square test for goodness-of-fit
  • Chi-Square test for independence
  • Linear Regression
  • Applied statistics
  • Business statistics
  • Difference in population proportion, etc
  • Comparing more than two means

YES! We provide statistics assignments

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